Friday, 4 January 2013


Today we are playing with the menu and one of the things we decided to put on was a meat based soup, as a rule we normally do a vegetarian soup.

We have gone for pea and ham, one of those old time favourite soups. the one your gran used to make when to be honest times were hard and generally had bigger families to feed.
So I popped into the Bampton butchers and asked Neil for some ham hocks found myself some marrowfat peas which are on sale in cost-cutter,or green split peas in the veg shop. put some peas to soak with a little bicarb and left them to soak while the hocks gently cooked for a few hours.
I then washed the peas off and placed in the lovely stock carried on cooking for a while until the peas were soft and blended with a little cream.

Hey Bingo!

A few hours later we got the most delicious soup ever.
I do hope that you may even be tempted to pop in and try a bowl very soon.

Personally I wouldent mind a poached egg on mine, especially one of Johns from Ex-valley eggs


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