Saturday, 8 November 2014

Mark Twain

Mark Twain once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction” my opinion is that fiction is loosely based on the truth. With the likes of “Chef “with Lenny Henry, the world renowned Faulty Towers and even “Psycho’s Bates Motel” believe you me, most of this came from hearsay or personal experience. So with only 2 days to go to Bampton Fair I was reminded of some of the disasters that have happened to me over the years within the catering industry.

The reason for the reminiscing …Tuesday lunch, just starting to get busy and the dish washer decides to be over taken by gremlins, water is cascading all over the place, there’s plates and pans every where with orders to be taken out too, so to sum things up it took twice as long to clear up as usual with a bit of water aerobics thrown in, thank you nice man from Western Refrigeration for sorting us out.

In the past I’ve had fridges, freezers, cookers, etc blow up on me, but only on important days of the catering calendar, Easter, Fathers day, a ceiling collapsed just as I was taking the roast out on a Mothers Day, a New Year and Christmas are the times for the ice machines and glass wash and I’ve seen a pied piper effect of rats gamboling over bins just as a large party were due to arrive (all because a new property were installing their sewage system 3 doors away and disturbed them) and an unfortunate body having to be moved, because the coach had arrived early before the funeral directors had turned up. But the customer never knew. These are but a few stories there are so many more.

Along with these memories you have memories of people that felt like your family at the time. Its probably the only industry that you could possible work in that you spend more time with your work mates than you do your own family. You know more about them than anyone, you hear about family, friends, plans or surprises long before the intended ever does, you share the highs and lows, the births, deaths and marriages, plus you gel together through the tough and manic services, take the knocks from both customers and staff, but manage to come out the other side, truly there is nothing like it, with a strange language and a sort of code, this is really the best or worse industry to be in. So in saying goodbye to 2 long serving family members this month, we start again with some new additions, so good luck to you all.

Next month sees me learning more about taking on an apprentice and looking into the goings on at Petroc with the help and advise of Hospitality Lecturer Karen Rivers, learning what the students get up to now as to opposed to my days at college many years ago.

Paul and I also have 3 awards ceremonies to attend, of which are very excited, surprised and very grateful to all of you that voted for us, it feels like the Oscars, we have been nominated in “The Devon Life Awards” “SW Tourism Awards ” and “The Trenchermans Awards”

This week’s recipe is for Moist Carrot Cake, the reason for this recipe is that The Ladies Of Bampton run a Tea Room on Fair day, for charity, this year for the OAP Christmas lunch and with the intention of holding a Christmas party for the children, and this is my usual donation

MOIST CARROT CAKE (adapted over the years)

¼ pt sunflower oil
4oz dark brown sugar
2 eggs
3oz black treacle
6oz SR flour
1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp allspice
½ tsp ginger
1 tsp bicarb
7oz-grated carrot
3oz sultanas
1oz coconut

1.Really easy, mix all ingredients in order of list
2. Place into a greased and floured tin
3. Cook for 20/25 mins on gas mark 4 or 180oc

Serve with a frosting or cream as a whole cake or slightly warm with ice cream or custard


We Just attended The Devon Life Food and Drink Awards at Sandy Park and what a night it was. We cant believe that we won Best Gastro Pub its still sinking in.
This award can only be down to you the customer for voting for us .

Thank you so much

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