Saturday, 6 February 2016

What an amazing Bampton Fair we had, with so many faces from the past popping in to say hello and some new characters on the scene, who previously had not experienced this once yearly extravaganza, the rain clouds moving off into the distance we had a gratefully dry day, which makes all the difference, people are not rammed into the pubs and cafes, making for a much more relaxed atmosphere, no ones drinks or food getting knocked over, with lots of bargains and queasy fair rides, everyone I spoke to had a really good day, with new stories to tell for next year.

The After The Fair folk festival seemed to have attracted more followers than ever and you were hard pushed to get in the door some nights, not just here but all over the town, I hope that everyone enjoyed this musical interlude.

Talking of music I was watching an old TOTP the other night, which lead onto another music show, and wow did they have some legends on, but what struck me was what Grandmaster Flash said to Pharrell Williams  “when you love what you do, it will take care of you for the rest of your life” well maybe they are both lucky, but I recon you definitely have to love what you do in the catering trade, the long hours, the heat of the kitchen, the pressure of service and always preparing for the unexpected, why else?

With Paul’s first proper outing to Sandy Park for The Devon Life Food and Drinks awards, we were both pleased to just be there and although we didn’t win this year, to be a finalist and lose out to The Jack In The Green is nothing to feel disappointed about, to be honest we’re still reeling from wining last year. The following Monday saw us in Padstow for The Trenchermans Guide awards, with an amazing menu, created by last years wining chefs and matching wines, with a lot of friends and familiar faces (I saved my best dress for this one) we were in for a really good night, topped off by the fact that we were named best pub, we were just totally overwhelmed to be in such prestigious company, thank you to all that voted, that see us as such, hopefully we wont let you down.

With Paul still taking it easy and recovering slowly, possibly not to return until the New Year Team Swan glides gracefully along, whilst behind the scenes we are paddling furiously, with some phenomenally busy days and some exciting bookings soon, who knows what its going to be like when we get going with all the Christmas parties?? Fun fun fun

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